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Magic Time/English Time Seminar in Morelia

Dear teacher,

Oxford University Press is proud to present English Time - an innovative and dynamic series for primary school which offers all the support possible for both teachers and students. To celebrate the introduction of the series, we cordially invite you to this academic event where we will discuss how primary students learn and what we as teachers can do to form independent, reflective learners. Don’t miss the opportunity of sharing practical ideas and activities with our ELT specialist.


Hotel Fiesta Inn
Av. Ventura Puente, esq. Av. Camelinas
Col. Felix Ireta
Morelia, Mich.

Saturday, 27th March, 2004

08:30 - 09:00 Registration

09:00 - 10:45 "The Time for Thinking is a Magic Time"

10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:45 "Having the Time of your Life in English!"

12:45 - 13:00 Closing and Diplomas

Biodata of Today’s Speakers:

Xochitl Arvizu has been an EFL teacher for over eleven years. During that time, she has taught students at all levels from children to adults and has also been a teacher trainer for the past seven years. She holds the C.P.E., C.O.T.E. and D.O.T.E. with distinction in language and methodology. She is currently finishing a Masters Degree in Education from Exeter University. After a long successful career at The Anglo Mexican Foundation Xochitl is now an independent academic consultant working for OUP and in charge of Creative Solutions in ELT, her own consultancy firm.

Saturday, 27th March, 2004 de 08:30 - 13:00 hrs.

Hotel Fiesta Inn

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[email protected]

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